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Hydragas and Hydrolastic suspension service and repair specialists

We are dedicated Hydragas suspension and Hydrolastic suspension car enthusiasts who want all owners of cars fitted with this unique suspension to get the most out of it. Our Director and Technician, Ian,  is an enthusiast of these cars and owns a collection of them himself.

We provide a re-gassing service for Hydragas Displacers and re-hosing for Hydrolastic.

Both suspension systems are generally reliable and long lived. The main problems are the slow and natural loss of gas from the Hydragas Displacers and perished hoses on the Hydrolastic units.

You can find out more about the Hydragas service here, and our Hydrolastic service here.

The 2018 book “British Leyland: The Cars,  1968-1986” by James Taylor  contains information about British Leyland cars including general information about Hydragas and Hydrolastic suspension. You can read excerpts from the book which is available here.

Our services:

Hydragas unit re-gassing
Hydrolastic unit re-hosing
Fitting service (including mobile) available
Hydragas Unit repair Service

About us and the Hydragas suspension and Hydrolastic suspension services

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