Today we set off early and travelled to Taunton where we carried out the fitment of recharged Hydragas units to two MGFs. Everything went well, both customers were very happy and we are now all finished and having a break at the services before continuing on our journey home


Today we carried out the fitment of a set of recharged Hydragas units to an MGF in Stafford for its proud owner, it is his pride and joy and has spent a lot of time, effort and money on it and has owned it for many years. The car now has a superb ride quality and the customer is delighted with the results


Today we set off from our hotel in Poole and travelled to our first job a few miles away. We were very fortunate to be working on an immaculate MGF which the customer has owned from new, at the time he bought it from “our neck of the woods” because he got a really good deal!! We were talking away throughout the job which didn’t take long and was very interested in our new car and had a sit inside. He was very pleased with the results on his MGF and we were soon on our way to Shaftesbury in Dorset where we carried out the fitment on a very nice MG Metro Turbo, this job was a bit more challenging with some seized bolts and components but the worst part was the suspension pipes, we are always very careful undoing them but with these a fraction of a turn and they leaked immediately! These were severely weakened by corrosion. We soon had a pair of new pipes made up, all flared and formed ready to fit but the next hurdle was dropping the subframe which needs to be done to fit one of the pipes correctly. The subframe mounting bolts were very stiff/seized and it took a good while to get them out which we did in one piece. The new pipes were then fitted, the subframe reinstated and the recharged units fitted. We were then able to move to the front of the car and change the front units after dealing with a couple of seized bolts here too, the job was then finally completed. The customer was very pleased with what we’d done and the car is now a pleasure to drive


Another early start and a very busy day today. After setting off from Telford early this morning, traffic was a lot better than yesterday and we arrived in Lymington in Hampshire at a reasonable time ready to carry out the fitment of recharged Hydragas units to three MGFs all at one customer’s house. We had the benefit of a double garage to work in and the cars went in one by one to have the fitments carried out. Everything went well and all three fitments were completed by 5pm. All three customers were very pleased with our work. We then travelled 12 miles away to carry out just a pump up on a Rover Metro. The results were predictable, it raised the car to the correct height but the suspension was rigid with hardly any travel. The customer was advised that he needs a set of recharged Hydragas units fitted as is always the case with these cars unless this has already been done


This morning after an early start and nightmare traffic conditions on the M6, traffic jams going on for over an hour we finally got to our first job in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire where we fitted a set of recharged Hydragas units to a lovely MGF for its proud owner, the weather was very pleasant and the job was completed in good time with a very happy customer. We then travelled to Stamford where we made and fitted a replacement suspension pipe to an Allegro where we had previously fitted a set of recharged Hydragas units, the original pipe had corroded through under one of the fixing tabs, the Allegro is owned by a popular classic car motoring writer and you never know we may get a write up in the classic car press soon! He watched with fascination as the pipe was flared, formed, the old section of pipe removed and the new fitted, he was delighted by the whole experience. We then finally travelled to Kettering where we topped up the suspension on a lovely MG1100, all in all a very successful day with varied work


This morning we set out at 5.30 am and we are still on the road! Firstly we travelled to Peterborough where we fitted a set of recharged Hydragas units to an MGF which is “work in progress”. In a few hours we had all four units fitted with the ride quality restored to how it should be, the customer was very pleased and is looking forward to completing the rest of the work on the car. From there we went to Wisbech where we collected two sets of MGF units for our stocks. We then went to Boston in Lincolnshire where we carried out another fitment of Hydragas units to another MGF, as usual everything went well and the ride quality and handling of the car was transformed, the customer can’t wait to attend lots of shows and rallies this year now our work is completed. From there we travelled to Long Eaton to collect yet another set of MGF units for our stocks. We have now stopped off for something to eat before we set off for the final journey home


After saying goodbye to our trusty MG5 today and saying what a good car it’s been it might be no surprise as to what we’ve replaced it with, we picked up another brand new MG5 long range today. We love the colour and the extra features it has and can’t wait to get behind the wheel to clock up many thousands of miles on our travels all over the UK. If you look at the pictures of our “old” blue one and new red one side by side including the interior you will see that after 54,000 miles it is difficult to tell it apart from the new one, when a car looks so good after being used for work day after day it shows what a quality, rugged car they are


Today we travelled to Alvechurch where we carried out the fitment of a set of recharged Hydragas units to this lovely MGF. It was looking like rain and it did actually start raining but it soon brightened up by the time the job was completed. The customer was very pleased and we then set off for the next job in Stone, Staffordshire. When we arrived we were greeted by a lovely MGF which the customer has owned from new. Work was soon underway with the customer admiring how well we worked together and his car was soon completed. After a short drive he said the suspension was back to how he remembered it when the car was brand new! These are the last jobs before we say goodbye to our trusty steed, our MG5 has got us and our tools right up to Scotland, down to Cornwall and everywhere in between. Always a pleasure to drive and 54,000 miles have been covered in just 15 months helping to keep the suspension on your favourite cars in tip top condition. It’s been totally and utterly reliable throughout these miles and we can honestly say it’s been the best modern car we’ve ever had, not a single fault, rattle or anything, John and his team at Summit Garage have been great supplying us with the car and servicing it throughout our ownership


Today in Cheltenham we carried out the fitment of recharged Hydragas units to two identical MGFs for different customers at the same address. Both jobs went equally well and the result was exactly the same on both cars, a superb ride and excellent handling. Both customers were equally pleased

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