March 22, 2022 iananddawn


Today we arrived at a customer’s house in Macclesfield where we were greeted by a magnificent Antique Gold Allegro 1500 with just 10,000 miles from new. The customer had seen our posts on Facebook and came to the conclusion that his suspension wasn’t working at anywhere near its best. He was very right about this, the suspension was absolutely rigid! This is because the gas in the units escapes slowly over many years and these were empty. He had recently taken the car to a garage to have the fluid pumped up and this had lifted the car but made matters even worse with the rigid, hard and uncomfortable ride. We soon got to work and had four of our recharged units fitted along with a pair of rear rebound straps which the customer provided and we fitted for no extra charge. When he took the car for a test run he was amazed at the difference, not just the greatly enhanced comfort but also the “solid” feel of the car with much better roadholding and steering too, he was absolutely delighted. We then travelled to Crewe to collect 10 Austin Metro Hydragas units for our stocks

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