March 18, 2022 iananddawn


Today at the NEC restoration show we had an audience as we were presented with a “garage find” Hydrolastic Maxi which was down to the bumpstops on one side. We attached one of our compact suspension pumps, filled it with fluid and attempted to pump the side up so we could determine what was wrong. We had with us everything what would be needed to cover whatever fault might have been present including a front and rear rehosed and tested Hydrolastic unit. The fault was soon traced to the rigid front to rear pipe which was corroded and leaking, we made up, formed and flared a replacement pipe there and then and soon had it fitted. The car then went up faultlessly and all was well. We then sold the suspension pump to a passer by and then went to help some friends remove a sheared bolt from a Princess alternator and fit a new alternator and power steering belt

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