March 4, 2022 iananddawn


Two jobs for us today, the first was in Bristol where we fitted a set of recharged units to an MGF, the weather was very good, pleasantly warm and the job was soon completed. In fact sooner than the customer’s friend had anticipated as he turned up to watch us working and by that time we were adding the finishing touches! He did however go for a ride in it, the customer went for a good drive including over speed bumps and both were amazed at the difference. We then travelled to the Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkford, Yeovil near Somerset where we looked at a previous customer’s Allegro Equipe which was undergoing some repairs in the workshop. We had previously recharged the existing units and at the time the system had been contaminated with Citroen LHM fluid which had been used by mistake by the previous owner. It would appear that the the front unit had been weakened by this as it attacks the internal rubber components which are only compatible with the correct water based fluid. Another recharged unit was soon fitted and a drive around the grounds of the museum confirmed that the suspension was spot on again

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