April 8, 2022 iananddawn


This morning we set out at 5.30 am and we are still on the road! Firstly we travelled to Peterborough where we fitted a set of recharged Hydragas units to an MGF which is “work in progress”. In a few hours we had all four units fitted with the ride quality restored to how it should be, the customer was very pleased and is looking forward to completing the rest of the work on the car. From there we went to Wisbech where we collected two sets of MGF units for our stocks. We then went to Boston in Lincolnshire where we carried out another fitment of Hydragas units to another MGF, as usual everything went well and the ride quality and handling of the car was transformed, the customer can’t wait to attend lots of shows and rallies this year now our work is completed. From there we travelled to Long Eaton to collect yet another set of MGF units for our stocks. We have now stopped off for something to eat before we set off for the final journey home

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