April 13, 2022 iananddawn


Today we set off from our hotel in Poole and travelled to our first job a few miles away. We were very fortunate to be working on an immaculate MGF which the customer has owned from new, at the time he bought it from “our neck of the woods” because he got a really good deal!! We were talking away throughout the job which didn’t take long and was very interested in our new car and had a sit inside. He was very pleased with the results on his MGF and we were soon on our way to Shaftesbury in Dorset where we carried out the fitment on a very nice MG Metro Turbo, this job was a bit more challenging with some seized bolts and components but the worst part was the suspension pipes, we are always very careful undoing them but with these a fraction of a turn and they leaked immediately! These were severely weakened by corrosion. We soon had a pair of new pipes made up, all flared and formed ready to fit but the next hurdle was dropping the subframe which needs to be done to fit one of the pipes correctly. The subframe mounting bolts were very stiff/seized and it took a good while to get them out which we did in one piece. The new pipes were then fitted, the subframe reinstated and the recharged units fitted. We were then able to move to the front of the car and change the front units after dealing with a couple of seized bolts here too, the job was then finally completed. The customer was very pleased with what we’d done and the car is now a pleasure to drive

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