May 27, 2020 iananddawn

Mobile in Swindon

For the last couple of days we have travelled to a farm near Swindon to fit recharged units to a VP 1500, Allegro 1500 and Princess 2200 all for the same customer. The first car was a VP 1500, everything came apart as it should and the job was completed in good time. We then moved on to the Allegro 1500 and this car turned out to be extremely challenging, nearly every fixing we needed to remove was either corroded or seized including both rear radius arm shafts and one front suspension arm through bolt. We worked through it and luckily we carry spare radius arms in the van for this eventuality. We eventually got the job done and it ended up being a very long day yesterday with us being able to get on our way home at 9.30pm. We returned this morning and got on with the Princess, apart from a few seized bolts on the rear it came apart and didn’t give us much bother. The suspension is now excellent on all three cars and the customer is very pleased with our determination to get the job done and work through the issues to a successful completion

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