June 17, 2020 iananddawn

Mobile Service in Birmingham

Last week we spent 2 days in Birmingham sorting the suspension and doing some general servicing and other jobs on an 8000 mile from new Maxi 2 automatic. Some think that ultra low mileage on a Hydragas car could mean that all is well with the suspension, this car was a perfect example that this is not the case. The customer wanted the original Hydragas units recharging rather than us fitting an exchange set so on the one day we removed the units, carried out some of the other jobs and took the units away with us for recharging. All the units turned out to be completely empty of gas and on two of the units the gas diaphragms had been forced up high inside the units and were close to the top casing, these were returned to the normal position, then all four units recharged. The next day they were all refitted and now the car drives beautifully with superb comfort and pin sharp handling

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