December 8, 2019 iananddawn

Mobile Service on a Princess in East Grinstead

Our final job this week down south was a Princess in East Grinstead, we already fitted a set of recharged units for the customer to another Princess he owns a couple of months ago. One of the units we fitted back then was a “re-diaphragmed” and recharged unit, we were pleased to hear that it has performed faultlessly but we were expecting this due to the stringent testing our units go through before fitting. Two of the units we fitted to the Princess today have also had new diaphragms fitted, all three units previously had leaks and would normally be regarded as scrap, these are now back in service. Investing in our project to replace the fluid diaphragms on leaking displacers and seeing it through to a successful conclusion was definitely the right decision as both front units removed from the Princess today were showing evidence of leaks. Had we not found a way forward and the situation had been allowed to continue the supply of serviceable units would have run out leading to difficulties for owners of these cars, now the future supply of units for all Hydragas cars is secure and owners can relax knowing their suspension needs are fully catered for

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