Hydragas Unit Re-Gasing Service, High Quality Nitrogen Sphere Recharging and Testing




Hydragas Displacer Unit re-gasing/recharging service for all Hydragas units which are fitted to British Leyland / MG Rover cars

Austin/Rover/MG Metro/Rover 100, Austin Allegro, Princess/Ambassador, MGF and some Maxis which were manufactured from 1979 onwards

Often the suspension on these cars gradually becomes rock hard with little travel and ends up bone jarringly uncomfortable even when driving over relatively minor defects in the road surface, pumping the suspension up with fluid to the correct height often makes matters even worse as the problem is not loss of fluid, it is actually because a significant amount of Nitrogen Gas has escaped naturally from the displacer unit over many years, there is nearly always nothing wrong with the displacer unit itself, the unit was not generally regarded as being rechargeable with Nitrogen as no provision was ever provided by the manufacturers for this to be done so people were fitting a replacement unit which more often than not were suffering from the same problem as the existing unit and these are getting very scarce and expensive, they have not been manufactured for many years and the only option was a new old stock unit or second hand with disappointing results for the reason mentioned above

We have found a way of recharging these units with fresh Nitrogen gas at high pressure to bring a nice comfortable, supple ride which Hydragas cars were renowned for when new.  Firstly the unit is tested on a specially constructed test rig which simulates the bump position of the unit and pressurised with fluid to a pressure above the normal working pressure and carefully checked for even the minutest leak in the fluid part of the displacer before commencing work, the next stage if the unit is proved to be good is to drill into the gas chamber of the unit to release the remains of the old gas and provide a means of entry for the new gas, a special threaded collar is then carefully welded in the position of the hole and a special high pressure Schrader Valve screwed into the collar.  The unit is then pressurised with air for testing purposes and immersed in water to carefully test for any leaks, if all is well the air is released and the unit pressurised with fresh Nitrogen to the manufacturers original specified pressure 

The job is extremely neat as can be seen in the photos, Metro front displacers and all MGF units have the valves mounted in an offset position as can be seen in the photo to avoid contact with the inner wing which partly covers the top of the displacers.  The collar and valve are small items and look very neat if appearance was important such as on a show car etc.

The unit is tested after the work is carried out before returning to the customer.

All the customer needs to do is send us their old unit, we will test it to see if it is fluid tight, then fit the valve, re-gas, test and return promptly.  If a displacer unit itself was defective or it failed under test there would be no charge and we would either dispose of the unit or the customer could have it back if they wanted to pay the postage or collect

The displacer/s could either be brought to us in person or sent via courier, please make sure that any remaining fluid is emptied out before sending by inverting the unit and pumping the piston a few times by hand.

An excellent quality recharging service at a very reasonable price, we are genuine enthusiasts who aim to keep cars with this type of suspension on the road


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