Hydrolastic Displacer Unit Re-Hosing Service, High Quality, Neat Hose Replacement



Hydrolastic Displacer Unit hose replacement service for all Hydrolastic units which are fitted to BMC / British Leyland cars

Austin, Morris, Wolseley etc 1100 / 1300 / 1800 / 2200 / most Maxis / some Minis / all Riley Elf & Wolseley Hornet models

When a Hydrolastic failure occurs on these cars it is more often than not the rubber hose which is crimped on to the displacer perishes and bursts which results in fluid loss and collapse of the suspension, there is nearly always nothing wrong with the displacer unit itself, the hose was generally not regarded as being replaceable so people were fitting a replacement unit and these are getting very scarce and expensive, they have not been manufactured for many years and the only option was a new old stock unit or second hand

We have found a way of replacing the failed hose on these units with a high quality new hose and new threaded union on the end where it connects to the rigid metal pipe on the car.  The job is extremely neat as can be seen in the photos, if a pair were done these could be fitted to the front of the car where the hoses are visible and look good as although the hose is a slightly different type to the original there is no bulky or ugly connection to the unit as we have seen with some re-hosing operations.  It would be difficult to distinguish from original if a pair were fitted to match, if appearance was important such as on a show car etc.

The unit is tested after the work is carried out on a specially constructed test rig which simulates the bump position of the unit and pressurised to a pressure above the normal working pressure and carefully checked for even the minutest leak before returning to the customer.

All the customer needs to do is send us their old unit with the failed hose, we will re-hose, test and return promptly.  If a displacer unit itself was defective or it failed under test there would be no charge and we would either dispose of the unit or the customer could have it back if they wanted to pay the postage or collect, obviously without a hose as we would have had to remove the burst one to test the unit.

The displacer/s could either be brought to us in person or sent via courier, please make sure that any remaining fluid is emptied out before sending by inverting the unit and pumping the piston a few times by hand.

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