March 16, 2022 iananddawn


Yesterday was a big one, an extremely busy day where we completed the fitment of recharged Hydragas units to three cars, all at different addresses. We started early in Derby where our first car was an absolutely immaculate MGF which the customer has owned from new, when he first spoke to us he was in two minds whether to go ahead with our service as he felt there wasn’t a lot wrong with his suspension but in the end decided to go ahead for “preventative reasons” as our service greatly helps to preserve the units minimising the chance of failure. The fitment was soon completed and after driving the car he was amazed at the difference and glad he had us out, he remarked on the fact it wasn’t just a massive improvement in ride comfort, the whole car felt more stable and cornered better too, he was very happy. We then travelled 2 miles away to another part of Derby where we carried out our fitment on a 2nd MGF exactly the same colour as the previous car, the customer requested that we fitted a set of Gaz shock absorbers which they supplied and we were happy to do this for a nominal amount. We soon had all this completed and also fitted the battery to the car for the customer and we were then ready to travel to our final job which was in Albrighton, not too far from home. Darkness had fallen well before we completed the job but the weather stayed very pleasant, it was a lovely evening and as we are so used to fitting these units it wasn’t a hindrance. After driving the car we had another delighted customer, all in all a successful and productive day

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