February 8, 2022 iananddawn


Today was a very busy but successful day. Firstly we travelled to Rushden in Northampton where we fitted a set of recharged Hydragas units to a Rover Metro automatic, it was soon finished and had a ride quality like new again. The customer asked us while we were there whether we could pump up the fluid on another Rover Metro he owns, as predicted the suspension went up but the ride was rigid with very little travel, this car also needs recharged units fitting which we had already explained to the customer and now he could see it for himself and will be having us out again in due course. We then travelled to Barton Seagrave, also in Northamptonshire where we topped up the fluid on an MGF where we had previously fitted the units a good few years ago. We then went to East Hunsbury, again in Northamptonshire to look at a previous customer’s Allegro where last year we fitted a set of recharged units and the car kept going down on one side. We soon found the problem, the front to rear steel suspension pipe had an area of corrosion near where it goes behind the steering rack and had a slight weep due to the corrosion. It was possible to fix this by fitting a compression fitting, this was soon done and we also fitted a pair of rear suspension cross tube mountings which the customer supplied, one of the originals had completely parted company with the rubber and the other was on its way out, with these fitted and the suspension preload all correctly set its stance is now perfect. The customer is keen to have his Maxi and Princess dove when circumstances permit

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