The final car to be done during our stay down South was an MGF, this car is used sometimes on track days and the state of the Hydragas units was spoiling the drive and handling both on and off the road. We soon had a set of recharged Hydragas units fitted. The weather was far better than yesterday and the working conditions were pleasant. The car now rides and drives as it should. We’re now on our way back and getting ready for 6 more MGF fitments next week


Today was a cold morning when we set off from our hotel in Crawley to Brighton where we carried out the fitment of a set of recharged Hydragas units to this lovely Reynard Metallic VP1500, it was really desperate for our work, the suspension was rigid with no travel. We worked in the customer’s single garage which we were grateful for as it provided shelter from the freezing, biting wind! Thankfully it all came apart without fuss and the recharged units were all soon fitted transforming the ride quality back to like new. The customer is going to enjoy driving it this summer


Today we arrived at a customer’s house in Macclesfield where we were greeted by a magnificent Antique Gold Allegro 1500 with just 10,000 miles from new. The customer had seen our posts on Facebook and came to the conclusion that his suspension wasn’t working at anywhere near its best. He was very right about this, the suspension was absolutely rigid! This is because the gas in the units escapes slowly over many years and these were empty. He had recently taken the car to a garage to have the fluid pumped up and this had lifted the car but made matters even worse with the rigid, hard and uncomfortable ride. We soon got to work and had four of our recharged units fitted along with a pair of rear rebound straps which the customer provided and we fitted for no extra charge. When he took the car for a test run he was amazed at the difference, not just the greatly enhanced comfort but also the “solid” feel of the car with much better roadholding and steering too, he was absolutely delighted. We then travelled to Crewe to collect 10 Austin Metro Hydragas units for our stocks


Today at the NEC restoration show we had an audience as we were presented with a “garage find” Hydrolastic Maxi which was down to the bumpstops on one side. We attached one of our compact suspension pumps, filled it with fluid and attempted to pump the side up so we could determine what was wrong. We had with us everything what would be needed to cover whatever fault might have been present including a front and rear rehosed and tested Hydrolastic unit. The fault was soon traced to the rigid front to rear pipe which was corroded and leaking, we made up, formed and flared a replacement pipe there and then and soon had it fitted. The car then went up faultlessly and all was well. We then sold the suspension pump to a passer by and then went to help some friends remove a sheared bolt from a Princess alternator and fit a new alternator and power steering belt


Yesterday was a big one, an extremely busy day where we completed the fitment of recharged Hydragas units to three cars, all at different addresses. We started early in Derby where our first car was an absolutely immaculate MGF which the customer has owned from new, when he first spoke to us he was in two minds whether to go ahead with our service as he felt there wasn’t a lot wrong with his suspension but in the end decided to go ahead for “preventative reasons” as our service greatly helps to preserve the units minimising the chance of failure. The fitment was soon completed and after driving the car he was amazed at the difference and glad he had us out, he remarked on the fact it wasn’t just a massive improvement in ride comfort, the whole car felt more stable and cornered better too, he was very happy. We then travelled 2 miles away to another part of Derby where we carried out our fitment on a 2nd MGF exactly the same colour as the previous car, the customer requested that we fitted a set of Gaz shock absorbers which they supplied and we were happy to do this for a nominal amount. We soon had all this completed and also fitted the battery to the car for the customer and we were then ready to travel to our final job which was in Albrighton, not too far from home. Darkness had fallen well before we completed the job but the weather stayed very pleasant, it was a lovely evening and as we are so used to fitting these units it wasn’t a hindrance. After driving the car we had another delighted customer, all in all a successful and productive day


Today we travelled to Peterborough where we fitted a set of recharged Hydragas units to a lovely Platinum Silver MGF. We were provided with a nice garage to carry out the work and the job was soon completed, transforming the ride quality and handling of the car. We carried out the same service for a friend of his recently


Today at Longbridge, a short walk from where there was once a vast British Leyland car factory, we completed the fitment of the original Hydragas units to this beautiful, unmolested, unwelded, low mileage and very original Princess which the lucky owner purchased recently. A couple of days ago we removed the units and took them to our workshop to be recharged and tested. The car is now what it should be and the customer should have many years of pleasurable and comfortable motoring


Today we travelled to Northampton where we fitted a set of recharged Hydragas units to an MGF. 15 years ago today he bought the car for his birthday and today on his birthday he treated the car to our service, it was well worth it! The ride quality is back to like new again just like turning the clock back 15 years

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